Igor Umecka Memorial Cup

Igors      Umeckis      -   an   outstanding   Latvian   rugby   player,   included   among   thirty   best   Latvian   rugby   players,   played   in   the   USSR   team   and was   one   of   the   best   rugby   players   in   his   time   throughout   the   Soviet   Union.   He   was   born   in   Riga,   where   he   studied   in   LSPA,   but   due   to his   career   moved   to   Kiev,   where   he   graduated   from   the   local   Sports   College   and   played   for   rugby   club   “Aviator”.   His   career   continued as   coach,   representing   rugby   club   “Jelgavas   Aļņi”.   One   of   Jelgavas   rugby   traditions   founder.   In   2011,   he   founded   youth   rugby   club “Mītava”   as   the   head   coach   of   this   association.   Commemorating   rugby   club’s   founder   and   first   head   coach,   the   club   organizes   a commemorative   tournament   every   year,   in   which   participates   rugby   teams   from   Latvia,   Lithuanie,   Estonia   and   Russia.   Traditionally Memorial   Cup   of   Igors   Umeckis   is   held   on   the   last   weekend   of   September.   The   2015   tournament   brought   together   a   record   number of   visitors,   with   a   total   of   600   people   attending   the   tournament   with   players   and   spectators.   In   each   tournament,   during   lunch   break, veteran   game   takes   place   between   Jelgava   and   Riga   Rugby   veterans.   Our   tournament   together   old   friends,   rugby   fans,   players   and their parents.
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